Sequencing Batch Reactor System (SBR)

The Sequencing Batch Reactor System (SBR) is one of common Biological system used to treat domestic wastewater due to its functionality and simplicity. The SBR process utilizes a fill-and-draw reactor with complete mixing during the batch reaction step (after filling) and where the subsequent steps of aeration and clarification occur in the same tank. All SBR systems have five (5) steps in common, which carried out in sequence as follows: (1) fill, (2) react (aeration), (3) settle (sedimentation/ clarification), (4) draw (decant), (5) idle. All actions in the reactor occur at different sequence of time.

Advantages of Sequencing Batch Reactor:

  1. Small footprint
  2. Simple & cost effective Design.
  3. Maintains consistent effluent quality due to batch settling method.
  4. Suitable for variable organic and hydraulic load.
  5. No Clarifier required reducing the spare requirement
  6. Effective quiescent settling
  7. No sludge recirculation
  8. Biological Nutrient removal.