Membrane Bed Reactor (MBR)

Membrane Bed Reactor (MBR) technology combines conventional wastewater treatment using the activated sludge process with membrane technology as the final filtration barrier. MBR technology is now well proven worldwide and is a ‘technology of choice’ for wastewater treatment and water reuse initiatives.

The membrane modules can be either submerged type or outside installation type. Membrane bioreactors can be used to reduce the footprint of an activated sludge sewage treatment system by removing some of the liquid components of the mixed liquor.

Thus, this technology is very effective in removal of the organic load from sewage and is widely used to save space and get high purity water.

The design criteria of the system according to the traditional way of Activated Sludge Treatment principle. However, the MBR modules are immersed and located in the aeration tank, the clear water is pumped (sucked) out from the MBR modules.

Small systems can be skid mounted and offers customers a complete, flexible, cost-effective design supported by our team of engineers.

A sample configuration of a developed process is shown in flow process as below.

Advantages of MBR technology:

  • Consistent high quality effluent
  • Removes harmful micro-organisms
  • Compact modular design
  • Cost-effective design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Less sludge generation than conventional treatment
  • Approved technology for wastewater Reuse