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Design Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

One V consultant has designed numerous sewerage treatment plants and pumping stations, including public and private sector projects. We have the expertise and in-depth experience to manage the entire design and system from sizing up design pre-design through project delivery and handing over. Our professionals can design a treatment plant that can cater the PE up to your requirement. We always keeping pace with the technology and market changing to develop and embrace the new system to the advantage of our client’s project. As a result, we manage to provide our client the most innovative design with the time-efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the changes and challenges.

We successful in improving the future plant operations and minimize the maintenance costs

Upgrading, Refurbishment & Modification of Existing Treatment Plant.

Wastewater treatment facility has a designed useful life of over 20 years. Therefore, some of the systems do not meet the current standards and are marginal in meeting the performance standard. Hence, we need to upgrade to extend their serving life as the cost will be lower than rebuilding a new treatment plant. We have designed several water treatment plants including to upgrade, refurbishment & modification of the existing treatment plant. We propose an appropriate modification for each specific treatment plant which includes extended aeration system, oxidation ditch, sequence batch reactor and also other more advance system. All of these projects were successful completed to improve the future plant operations and minimized the maintenance costs on long-term operations. Our service includes study and evaluates the existing sewerage treatment facilities, facility expansions, and process improvements to meet the current and future needs.

We Listen To Your Needs And Provide The Best Solution To Meet Them

Consulting & Planning

One V Consultant has the expertise and resources to help you plan and monitoring your project from initial planning to final stage of the project. Effective planning is an essential part of the ongoing project management process. We serve our client the best services with innovative, time-efficient and cost-effective solution and planning. We providing our client the advice on setting up and defining the project. We also help on solving technical problems, system design related issues to deal with authorities. We listen to your concerns, understand your requirements and explore all options to tailor a solution that will work for you now and in the future. Our successful is because we able to provide our clients a clear and practical advice for a competitive edge.

We Coordinate All Teams To Get The Job Done, So Your Project Is Hassle-free.

Project management

The success of a project is dependent on a number of factors, but having the right team to manage your project is crucial to your success. One V consultant has proven the capability and expertise to provide the efficient project management service that tailored to your requirement. You can rely on our professional team to provide the best solution to make your project more efficient and time-effective. Our team capable to manage and deliver the project within the specified timeframe as well as make the projects more efficient, costs control, schedules, and work scope with high quality. We developing and monitoring a project schedule for completion while ensuring the critical path is implemented into the project construction. Besides, with our inspecting and monitoring on the construction work, we can identify issues and resolve conflicts before they become issue using established procedures and processes that consistently yield excellent results. Hence, we able to maximize the project potential and complete within or ahead the specified timeframe. Our aim is providing our expertise and management services to help our clients achieve their bigger goals.

We Provide The Traffic Management Service To Keep You And Your Project Safe

Traffic Management Plan

Preparation of a detail Traffic Management Plan and proper implementation of measures identified in the approved plan is crucial to ensure the safety of all road users as well as the workers at site. It is important to have traffic management on your project to assure the smooth operation of the road network as well as the construction work site. One V Consultant has the expertise to provide you with professional services of traffic management that meet your project requirement and needs. Our professional are capable to design the traffic management plan to keep you and your project safe and hassle free.